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A Day in the Life - Helen's Day

These days I'm rarely an early bird!

I wake up and lookout the window laying in bed.

I watch the clouds go by, the birds flying and occasional planes and their trails in the sky, over the hills, the trees and the changing seasons.

I get up take my pills with water, get washed and dressed, apply Vaseline on my face and talc where it's needed. Go downstairs and have my breakfast and listen to Ken Bruce's quiz, I write out all the questions and answers to keep my brain active, I don't know the answers!

I take Bella our dog for a short walk round the woods and do a few jobs, my energy levels are low? On Monday afternoon I circle dance, Wednesday afternoon I go for a walk with our local group. Thursday afternoon I join in with our PEMfriends zoom which I really enjoy, the Asda order arrives after and I put the shopping away.

I make dinner and after we watch a film or series on TV and I do some knitting. I have a bath, read and then apply cream from the dermatologist on my face, talc on, take pills and go to bed at 12, 1 or 2.

After 12, I do the new days Wordle.

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