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A Day in the Life - Isobel's Day

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Woke up at 6.30 and used a couple of squirts of Sterimar to be able to breathe and swallow so I could go back to sleep.

As always, start the day with the usual routine. Steam inhaler and Eyebag for 5 minutes. Slooshed out my nose using Neilmed and saline/bicarbonate mix with warm water.

Dished out all the morning tablets and took them with some juice while I wait for my tea to brew.

This is an active day, so I am taking a couple of painkillers in anticipation.

Lots of coughing and nose mopping.

Check e-mail and do all the communication work I need to do.

In between the rain, go to the greenhouse and water the tomato and pepper seeds I planted last week. Exciting! 2 are coming up.

Helped to cover the shed with a tarpaulin pending repairing the missing roof felt. Nearly ended up as part of the kite when the breeze took it up.

Forgot to take lunchtime tablets and calcium so took those.

Spent the afternoon cooking and cleaning and then felt very tired so had an hour’s snooze.

Watched the news and then started dinner. Have to eat before 8pm otherwise would have bad acid reflux.

More tablets.

10pm bath and bed, having already fallen asleep in front of the TV.

Another exciting day!

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